Coronavirus Update: Visitors are required to wear face masks and observe social distancing.


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Upcoming Major Events:

Fire in the Shire - CANCELLED due to Coronavirus concerns.
Saturday, June 12th from 10am-5pm
A day full of colorful exhibits, demonstrations, food, and family fun. Highlights include medieval reenactors, swordsmanship demonstrations, and more! Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for students and half price for those in period dress (weapons must be sheathed and peace-tied). Check out the museum's Facebook page or in the coming months for a complete list of events going on all over town.

Castlerock in the Park - CANCELLED due to Coronavirus concerns.
Saturday, July 17th from 1-5pm
An afternoon of family friendly fun for "Knights and Ladies" of all ages at Rieck's Lake Park. During the event, visitors can team up as a “Roman or Celt” in the children’s melee, try on chain mail and surcoats,interact medieval reenactors, and see displays of reproduction arms and armor. Concessions will be available as well.

Rieck’s Lake Park is located two miles north of Alma, Wisconsin on Highway 35. If activities at the park get rained out, we will set up what we can back at the museum. Check out the museum's Facebook page for the latest event information.

Lectures & Programs:
Most lectures and programs are held in the museum's theater area. Seating is limited. Contact the museum at 608-685-4231 or for reservations. Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for students, unless otherwise noted. Museum members receive a 50% discount on most events.

From Forest to Furniture
Saturday, October 23rd from 12-4pm
Join Derek Olson and Tom Latane as they demonstrate woodworking techniques used since the days when woodworkers walked into the woods for their material and began the work on the forest floor. Spectators will be able to visit with the woodworkers as the chips fly. Derek Olson is an award-winning woodworker from LaCrosse, Wisconsin, focused on hand tool techniques. Tom Latane is a blacksmith and woodworker with a shop in Pepin, Wisconsin, where he focuses on pre-industrial technology.