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English Iron Hat
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English Iron Hat


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A rarely seen type of mid 17th C period which copied the fashionable hat of the period. It was commonly covered with fabric and adorned with a white plume. King Charles I of England, who reigned from 1625 until deposed by Oliver Cromwell in 1645, is frequently associated with this type of hat. An example of this type and which is attributed to King Charles I, is on display in the Warwickshire Castle.


For an example of the English Iron Hat of the English Civil War Period (1642-1648) see "Arms and Armor", 1988, by Michele Byam, a well illustrated basic "eyewitness" book for young people. This shows an almost identical example with the same type of sliding nasal bar. As noted it would have commonly been covered in cloth to resemble a gentlemens hat of that day and would have been ornamented with a plume. Primarily used in civilian applications it was also occaisionally worn by cavalry in battle.

See also "European Armour", 1958, by Claude Blair, at page 207, figure 145, where he shows a line drawing of an English Iron Hat from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, described as English and circa 1640-50. It is of very similar form except that one side of the brim is turned up.

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